Gümüslük as I see and perceive it

This country „Turkey“ presents many extraordinary places,


locations full of beauty, originality and fascinating past


places that demand a return


places that convey a secure place like a wonderful intact familiy


places that become an adopted country


very special places


like Gümüslük


This page is dedicated to my wonderful family.


We spent unforgettable hours there together and I hope to spend there many more!


To Nurcan, Lars and Melissa


Peter Hofmann

Early in the morning, when fishermen return on foaming waves from the open sea

When the sun comes out at daybreak

You`ll find here the places of silence.

You feel the past resting under fragments covered by the ground.

Far away now the shouts of the owners of the fish restaurants 

Far away too „Yakamoz“, the moonlight that changes the sea into a lake of silver.

Lelegs, Karians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Greeks,

All of them formed this peaceful and contemplative place which found access even to their hearts.

Here I am myself again, I harmonize with history and nature

And aside of bustle, I find meditation, confidence, strength and myself.

And when the sun sets over Kalymnos and makes the sea sink in shining red

Then I know that I am living and loving

Now and here, Gümüslük.

Sunset above Kalymnos
Sunset above Kalymnos


Again the time is over, that I stayed here

A last time the sun inclines and makes Kalymnos appear as a silhouette in a shining sunset glow.

Soon I will be back again in my native place

And nevertheless I left second home:


I know I will return

For here I find elementary things

Rest, tranquillity and time for self – reflection, joy, delight and now and then even philosophical cognition.

And when my aeroplane takes off from the run – way

Lasting impressions of traces of antique cultures midst of impressing natural scenery are my companions.