Mountain Village Karakaya

It`s worth while visiting the housing estate in the mountains high above Gümüslük, too.

Just in front of the exit of the street from Gümüslük to Bodrum via Dereköy you turn to the left at the roundabout junction. The street is narrow, but in a good state and takes you up to the edge of the village.

Take care of wearing sturdy shoes. There are stony paths leading up to the invidual houses.

In contrary to Sandima near Yalikavak nearly all the houses have been restored and are mainly inhabited by foreigners.

The majority of the stone-houses, dating from Ottoman times, with several most beautiful elements and its natural gardens are really worth a visit. And up there you have a breath-taking view on Gümüslük and sea with its fascinating isles.

Regard! Ideal for photos are the morning hours especially with regard to to the panorama of the sea.

Nevertheless an excursion in the evening is fantastic, too.

At that time you may watch sunset with a good glass of red wine or a chilly  "Efes-beer "  from the Teldolap-Restaurant, which is situated below Karakaya.