The Fish Restaurants

There are only some fish restaurants directly situated by the water, which are managed by fisher families. The fish they offer comes from fresh catch but also from fish-farming. There is no question, however, the quality is nearly without exception superior and the fish is competently and charmingly presented.

Excellent appetizers (mezeler) as well as desserts accompany an excellently prepared fish, may be grilled, in brew or in a crust of salt.

Sometimes however, the delight is somewhat spoiled when you have a look in your purse after a sumptuous evening.

Always ask fort he price in advance! It`s always worth while bargaining!


Eating fish in Gümüslük

We are welcome with a handshake. After your second visit the owner will know you.

We take a critical look and make some (considering) remarks concerning the fish catch meticulously put in a row. We intend to give the impression to be able to make out the grade of freshness of the desired object.

At once we get a solemn declaration: „You`ll get nowhere a better one. We guarantee the freshness and an optimum of delight. If you don`t like it, you needn`t pay!“

The owner makes out at once that we want to bargain. He tells us a higher price which we bargain to the price the owner wants to have. And so we agree and rely on having the fish on our plates that weh ad chosen before. It stands to reason that we get seats by the water-front. They are reserved for regular guests.

No, today no appetizers! Just a real fish-meal, that was our intention! But then we are seduced again by this incredibly appetizing tray with all the delicious appetizers (mezeler) as there are stuffed cougette blossoms, „seaweed“, salad of octopus and aubergines, grilled chillies and stuffed tuna. 


So we are inconsistent  again with the result of a table full covered with a medley of delicacies and no more room for the fish on the table as in our stomach.


But after some glasses of raki appetite comes back and we enjoy the delicious fish. Afterwards some sweet desserts, either a bowl of fruits which make you believe to be on honeymoon or some warm helva or baklava. All these delicacies served of course with tea or Turkish coffee. This is included but makes you believe to be a spezial guest.

At least he singular atmosphere amidst the splendid bay and the considerate service justify by all means to spend more money than intended.