10 destinations outside of Gümüslük on the peninsula of Bodrum being worthwhile visiting

view from Panorama Restaurant
view from Panorama Restaurant

1. Geris


You get to Geris coming from Gümüslük in direction of Yalikavak. On a winding road coming out of a valley you turn sharp to the right just in front of Yalikavak (marked with street-plates). Via a good mountain road you get to the old village. It`s worth while to get there for a walk.

When you visit the panorama restaurant, you should choose a calm day, otherwise a remarkable stift breeze will whistle round your ears!

The view on the bay of Yalikavak is unforgettable. Even on warm and calm summer evenings it`s worth a visit for the sake of the gorgeous view.

Unfortunatelly the ownersof the restaurant changed hands several times the last years, but now (2013)  you'll find a good service and good meals!

2. Sandima


Starting from Gümüslük you drive on the country road (not along the sea, but further inland) through Yalikavak. In the centre you turn right to the Town Hall Place. The street leads further on the mountains over unsurfaced gravel road. At last you get to the abondened, nearly quite deserted village shaped by stone houses.

Only a married couple, artists, is still (again) living there. They readily show their restored, most original house as well as their works of art.


Most of the houses dating from Ottoman  or Greek times of occupation, have unfortunatelly more or less fallen into ruins and  are still waiting for investors who are ready to restore or reconstruct them lovingly.

It would be worthwhile anyway (see "Karakaya")

3. Marina Turgutreis


The marina of the town, constructed in the year of 2003, named after the Ottoman admiral Turgut Reis (1485 - 1565) should be on your list, too. You are sitting there with a most beautiful view on the harbour and the off-shore islands.

On the top of it you have very good shopping facilities. There is also the possibility of visiting the weekly market in the centre on Saturdays, where you can find the biggest supply of a market on the peninsula, but there are many tourists, too.

4. Akyarlar


In the beginning of the 20th century Akyarlar was still a most popular holiday resort, especially visited for the Greek people. The most charming old stone-houses situated immediately on the beach remind of these times.

Spend an afternoon on the beach of the village and watch the surfers in the bay.

Many restaurants by the water offer sun-chairs and parasols free of charge if you consume something.

Very good fish-restaurants complete the offer.

From there you may enjoy the view on the nearly Isle of Kos. And if you drive from Turgutreis to Akyarla, make a detout in direction of Bodrum. You come directly to the communication road Bodrum-Turgutreis after a mountain drive on a good street with an incredibly beautiful view on the see! Please stop and get out of the car!!!

5. Pedesa


The antique city is situated on one of the highest pitches of the peninsula of Bodrum. It was inhabited by the Lelegs who especially gained significance and power in the 5th and 4th century B.C.

You can see the Northern as well as the Southern coast of the peninsula from the walls of the citadel.

Please take care of solid boots! Climbing is unavoidible, if you want to leave the ways!

Coming from Ortakent in direction of Bodrum junction in Konacik to left and you drive to the village of Cirkan. The raad is fine!

After a short time you see on the left side on the top of the mountain on a level  the remains of the citadel`s walls.You can also see the remains of houses, a tower and nearly some tombs.

You best ask residents for "Gökceler Kalesi".  But Pedasa is easy to find!

6. Sakiz Ana


This means "chewing - gum grandma". The most simple but original restaurant by the thoroughfare from Gümüslük to Bodrum in Yahsi (on the left side before the main junction) is an "institution" frequented by the local people of all social classes. They choose their food directly out of the cooking-pots. The cooking is of Bulgarian-Ottoman origin and is Turkish plain fare in the true sense of the word. The price-performance rate is adequate.

Open from noon until everything is finished (mostly late afternoon).

7. Dibekli Han


You reach the premises via the feeder road from Ortakent to Yalikavak: after 2 km you turn left in direction Yakaköy.

Just in front of Yakaköy you see the magnificent construction on the right side. It makes the impression of a small fortress.


Visit the artist shops, have a look at the small museum and stay for a while in the tea-house.

In the premises built with loving care and attention to the details cultural events take place regulary.


8. St. Peter`s Castle in Bodrum


There is nothing much more to see of the famous Halikarnassos of former times. It was once towered by the Mausoleum, one of the seven Wonders of the World!

Many stones of this sepulchre of King Mausolos have been used for the construction of the Castle St. Peter, the landmark of Bodrum nowadays.

The castle was constructed by the crusaders of the Johannits from Rhodos in the 15th. century. They wanted a counterpart on the continent to their fort in Kos. The castle has a surface of 180 x 185 m and is 47,5 m high.

St. Peter by night
St. Peter by night

St. Peter was conquered by the Ottomans in 1523.

The castle accomodates a museum for underwater archaeology. Apart from the castle many of the presented findings of the sea-bottom or out of ship-wracks fill the visitors with enthusiasm.

Especially interesting is the presented tomb finding of a Karian princess  with many valuable and remarkable grave furnishings. British medical examiners reconstructed the princess` face. This one is exhibited, too.

Caria; Coin from Halikarnassos 5th. Century B.C.; Hemiobol
Caria; Coin from Halikarnassos 5th. Century B.C.; Hemiobol

9. Antique Theatre Bodrum


The antique theatre above the old town of Bodrum was built in Hellenistic times and had a capacity of more than 10.000 spectators. During the last years it has been reconstructed as far as possible. From there you have not only a fantastic view on Bodrum and the bay with St. Peter, beyond that you have the chance to experience terrific concerts with top-artists during the summer months. Inform yourself about tickets in time.

You won`t forget easily such an evening under starry sky (mostly Turkish pop music). The atmosphere ireally fabulous!

10. Limon Café


Within a very short time the "Limon Café" in Gümüslük developped to a cult café on the road between Gümüslük and Yalikavak. A simple bar was added to an old stone house which serves as a kitchen.

The antique ground in front of it is decorated with sofas , easy chairs and cushions. The café is crowded during sunset and a unique panorama and mystic music enjoy people.

During high season you don`t have a chance without reservation. The prices are - I´m sorry to say - excessive, but everybody is ready to pay them since this place is extremely popular and quite a few Turkish stars bustle about there as guests. To spend an evening there is one of the sensations you`ll remember for a long time.